Thursday, December 6, 2012

life lessons from the public pool

My biggest boy has his Year 8 leavers formal tomorrow night. And I'm insanely excited for him.
Formal attire = Skinny mustard coloured chinos and a long sleeved shirt.
He looks SO grown up!!
and a tad One direction-ish
If he knew he would whip those trackpants straight back on.

First steps in the year 2000

Not only that,
we came home to mail that confirmed his entrance into the extension class for High School next year.
I realise, this is a shameless brag alert, but I'm his Ma, and I'm proud of this kid.
Even if he hates to shop.
Like possibly more than any other human on the earth.

This kid, who used to boogie to Freestyler in an almost trance like state, have an infatuation with numbers and ducks and spent a good year of his life eating nothing much more than weetbix made me into a Mum. A precious job I've taken for granted on a daily basis.

Yesterday I witnessed another Mum scarily pass out in a crowded swimming pool. It was frightening and left me very shaken for hours after I got home.
It reminded me of how quickly life can change in an absolute instant, out of nowhere, anywhere when we least expect it. I watched in horror how petrified her own children were. I don't know her, but I found myself praying as soon as she was pulled out of the water.

So freaking precious.
A major privilege.
Today feeling very grateful that Motherhood is mine 4 times over.
I'm trusted.
I'm Blessed.


Miriam said...

yes, yes and Yay for a clever big boy who still likes trackies best xxx

CHD said...

What a scary thing to see. Congratulations to your boy. Cx

Lyns said...

Well done on the extension thingee!! Such a smart boy.
That poor Mumma and her kids.
Being a Mum really is a blessing.

jacksta said...

how scary. I hate when people collapse...and I work with it all. Scares me every day to go to work. But You certainly learn how precious life is that's for sure.

Aw and the school formal. I remember mine like yesterday. good times
They'll be grown up and out of the nest before we know it!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

You have every right to brag, and we like to hear it!

Prayers to that poor Mama and her kids. I pray that she is all better now. Always scary when something like that happens.



Jaz from Treacy Travels said...

Great post xx

Cat said...

Motherhood it is such a blessing
Great post I giggled at the One Direction bit