Monday, April 13, 2015

Updatey Potatey

How to even begin after signing off so long ago???
Whats 13 months anyway???
I'm just wanting to procrastinate further from my study..... so "Hi!" (has blogger succumed to emjos yet?, I'm a self confessed addict. *insert wave hand and rosey cheeked face here)

Over the last year I became a gym junkie.
Totally not even kidding.
I can, like, run, now...
I know.
Who even knew that it was possible to wear 3 bras at once? It works people.

I also became one of those annoying smoothie guzzlers morning after morning in trendy mason jar mugs. Flip they are good though. Toast and I broke up for good.

My mood became more awesome.

I gave up smoking.
oh yeah.
I also swapped energy drinks for strong americanos.

And then I continued to be all motivated and stuff and just decided to apply for a bachelor of social work one day and now I'm a full time student. eek!!

The fam bam are good.
The kids all seem so big. So much more independence these days.
Goose and I can pop down to the gym together and leave them all here to hang out together happily, ok, sometimes not so happily...(love getting a phone call during a super set of squats to say 13 year old son is chasing the dog with a knife...) I exaggerate.
the dog part.

I'm still working part time too.

It's all fitting, just. Quite miracoulously.

I have 2 teenagers now!

We completly run out of food on a regular basis.

I don't even have a particular grocery day anymore. We just buy and feed, buy and feed.

I'm about 1/5th blonde now.
To "camo" the silvers.

I still speak like a twelvie
in a 30 year old body, the kids at work like to tell me.

I have my fist assignmet due in 16 days, I'm a little over half done so I should get back to that.
I might drop in again.
could be.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Things and stuff

It's hard to believe 2014 is already into mid March.
I turned 34 on Sunday. I still remember frantically typing away here on the eve of my 30th Birthday. In fact I turned 30 years old on you blog, as the clock struck midnight I typed the longest post perhaps in blogger history.

It's an odd time to randomly begin writing here again, it's completely spur of the moment and I have a morning shift tomorrow so I really can't be too long. But a nagging pull has brought me back here, just for myself. To document this time, whats been going on, as I've left a gap. So I pull up my swivel chair and begin as my teenage son often does to Gooseman and I, when he just wants to chat he sneaks up to us and just says "things and stuff...." cue talk to me.

A trend in the last few years has seen me accomplisihing long procrastinated tasks in the week or so before my Birthday. Last year I got my full licence and a new job, so naturally this year I got a Brazilian (YEOW!) and volunteered as a camp parent for 3 nights. Eek!
So I've just returned from Second Born's school camp. Amongst the physical exhaustion (ahem climbing Mt freaking Isabelle!) ironically I feel a renewed energy. A particular tiredness of my mind has diminished somewhat. So too has my bikini rash and it now feels quite cool. My lovely beauty therapist told me I am never allowed to shave again, so yeah, shall we call this the new me...sorry way TMI, but they both were truly two fears conquered.

I spent time with people I didn't know, I made some new friends, I tried really hard to let go if what other people could think of me. Sometimes, in small steps I won. I'm totally counting those minuscule moments as progress.

I also learned that young people don't scare me anymore.
That sounds weird. Especially in my line of work, but these were normal kids who use manners and don't swear or bite or riot on a daily basis. I realised that I actually really enjoy this age group. The early teen. They are a fun species and I get them. It made me feel better about what I do and that I have definitely acquired new skills with kids..... that aren't my own! heh
I love that I stepped out and tried something new and as a bonus didn't even hate it.

Late last year I was in a slump and someone helped pull me out by teaching me to paint in oils. She was incredibly generous with her time and materials and home. I believe it was totally a God thing that she called me out of the blue one day and invited me over. It's a God thing in a "I haven't even been to church in over a year, questioning everything I've ever been told, finding my identity apart from being a church going social-lite, making plenty of mistakes kind of way". I guess that paints a red flag to anyone secure in their faith, but I'll keep plodding at my own pace for now.
So I painted an owl. It turned out pretty cool but not as something I want to display in my living room so it hangs in Second born's bedroom for now and felt SO incredibly good to create. During my few weeks of painting it made me realise that this is something I actually HAVE to keep up. It's the most amazing feeling, I get utterly lost yet feel so at home and free when I delve into the whole process.

It's late now and I've written this by procrastinating baking something for the kids lunches. They'll just have to eat an extra sandwich or something. I really need to be less stingy in the groceries and just BUY biscuits, isn't that why I work after all?! guh

until next time.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The most beautiful cake book I'll ever own

I literally squealed with delight when I opened this package from Random House.

All I can say is feast your eyes and thank God for elasticated harem pants being in this season.

Bluebells Cakery by Kara Goodwin is a visual delight that you will find yourself rescuing over and over from your children's horrific sticky fingers as they change their mind with each new page on their favourite baked treat.

The photography by Kate Grewal is to die for...

image by Kate Grewal

Rainbow ombre cake decorated with bunting, this book is any trend blogger's utopia.

However this is not just a pretty recipe book filled with unrealistic makings to the average woman in the kitchen with mis-matched and scortched pot holders. These are all recipes with ingredients I've heard of and in most cases already own. AND there is no reason to feel defeated by your runny lumpy icing instead of the luscious frosting in the picture because Kara has a chapter in this book where she teaches you step by step how to create fancy pants gorgeous cakes just like hers.

I can not wait to wow my family and friends with a creation inspired by her book. The recipes range from beautiful occasion cakes, to sweet and savory high tea luch treats, preserves, slices puddings and beverages.

You can order directly from Bluebells Cakery website or Random House or from any good bookstore.

You can also enter to win a copy of this and some more amazing work from other New Zealand cooks here !!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Recommended by me (and pretty much everyone else I keep showing this to)

I've been a bit spoiled lately from the good folk over at Random House publishing.
They have sent me some amazing books to review, obviously not realising what a sucky blogger I have become. But if anything will entice me to jump on here, bribing me with gorgeous recipe books is one sure way to do it. SO I'm pretty much stoked to be able to share with you how beautiful these books truly are.

I'm starting with A bit of What You Fancy by (our very own North Canterbury legend!) Jo Seagar.

I was actually going to ask for this for Christmas. I already own some other of her books that I've acquired over Birthdays and Mother's days so to get this one in the post was really very exciting! eee!

I'm a bit of a recipe book buff. I've got a wee collection going on, some I cook from, others mostly I just read for fun. Usually late at night in bed, I'm weird like that.
But this book is one of my very few that gets looked at over and over as well as being practically used for it's easy-as no fuss delicious recipes.
Always a winner.

 Jo's recent books contain exquisite photography from Jae Frew, showcasing rural North Canterbury in all it's glory as well as all the mouth watering recipes. A bit of What You Fancy has a summer theme running through it and all the photography was done in a bach. It's beautiful and every recipe has an accompanying picture, another big tick from me.

There are also a tonne of recipes (130 to be exact) that are well and truly do-able if you get my drift. The ingredients are easily found, mostly already in your pantry and Jo also mentions that she only likes recipes to be on ONE page for easy's sake. A woman well and truly after my own heart in the baking department.

She has a few tricks to share like microwave meringues (who knew THAT could be done!? not me..)

I found a great recipe today for an apricot drizzle cake when I needed to bake something that required no butter. It turned out amazing.

You'll just have to take my word on that because this new computer of ours is not working with me and letting upload singular photos. How frustrating is that for a blogger!? Worst.

If you would like to put this on your Christmas list it's available wherever good books are sold (heh I've always wanted to quote that) rrp $55

Stay tuned over the next few days for another STUNNING book you'll be drooling over. Actual.

Sunday, November 10, 2013


 I've been in a bit of a slump. Working too many hours because some of my regular local work is about to significantly dry up and I've been taking the extra hours while I can.

The work has also been insanely stressful and to top it off home life practically just as chaotic!

My kids are going through a bit of a stage.
A really annoying fighty bratty whingey moany  teacher ringing me from school every other day stinky phase.

And yes I know.
It most probably has everything to do with the amount of hours Gooseman and I are having to put in to our freakin jobs.

So my mood hasn't been the greatest.

However this week was a little better. Goseman turned a grand ol 36 and the two of us took off for a day of pampering and spa treatments at Hanmer Springs.

Hour long full body massages and soaking our tensions away was pretty much the key to melt my foul moods into oblivion.
The next day while the kids were again at school we took off to a movie date to see Thor 2. A bucket of salty fattening popcorn and Chris Hemsworth yeah boy!

THEN we topped it off with another date out together last night to the theatre to see a play. It's been like an alternate universe or something. Three dates out together in a row!! Pretty cool.

So not only had I been missing my Gooseman I've also realised that I have been missing spending time being creative in some way. There has been no writing, blogging, photography or artsy stuff at all.
Then a couple of days later Paisley Jade posted this and I could totally relate.

I went out to the hardware shop and brought some cheap terracotta pots. I began to paint them, nothing fancy, with some of the test pots we had lying around and

THEN my sister's best friend's mum (keeping up) called me out of the blue and asked me to visit her as she had something for me.
I popped in yesterday afternoon and she gave me this

It's a painting she made from one of my photographs that I put up on here a few years ago of Ruby's feet, she was only about three years old at the time. Anyway, Jackie, who painted this only began painting three years ago and is really passionate about it now. It was totally inspiring to visit her.
It made me realise I really need to do this more often, just for fun. For sanity.

I was also totally inspired this week when I received my copy of this book The Little Tree

That FaerySarah really just makes it happen! Far out. Incredible. I have been tossing a book idea around for years and have done absolutely nadda nil nothing about anything.

And then I've been reading.
My long time favourite blog read has quietly resurfaced. With power. I sit and take in her words and they are stirring carefully within my tangled soul. Thank you L.

So yeah.
People actually getting stuck in and doing stuff.
Apparently it happens.
Watch this space...